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A Brilliant Cleaner in a Beautiful Bottle – our aim is to take general cleaning products, starting with multi-surface spray cleaner, and deliver them direct to you in a completely new way. Fantastic performing cleaners, which are not only safer, healthier and more eco-friendly than standard cleaners, but also very competitively priced. Each Bottle for Life looks fabulous and is conveniently delivered direct to you!

We are starting Bottle for Life, with our multi-surface cleaner (BfL Pure) which is a brilliant performing extremely concentrated pure cleaner enclosed within water-soluble film (BfL Pure capsules), containing no water. The BfL Pure capsules allow us to deliver direct to you through the UK postal system and utilising our beautiful Bottle for Life aluminium bottles, means this new way is very eco-friendly. Once delivered to your home, you simply drop the capsule into your Bottle for Life and then add warm water, it really is that simple!

We have developed our BfL Pure Multi-Surface Cleaner over several years reviewing many processes and ingredients. Our BfL Pure ingredients are selected by a number of criteria, including performance, health and safety (they contain little if any VOC's amongst other superb features) and water-free, so we can dispense the cleaners in water-soluble capsules. All our products are microemulsions, which mean that gram for gram they form the most efficient way of removing dirt from surfaces.

We have designed numerous Bottles For Life for you to choose from and many more will be added each month. We have Inspiration designs that are based on current trends and search filtering to ensure you find the right Bottle for Life for you and your home.

We want you to embrace this new way of buying cleaning products and enjoy using your very own Bottle for Life.

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