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Cleaning Power

Our products are of the highest
quality, the cleaning performance
is excellent.

Our BfL Pure technology, is
delivered within water-soluble
capsules and is based on
combining natural cleaning
methods with advanced modern
ingredients to create highly
concentrated solutions, which
once diluted transform into
spray cleaners.

Based on SIMS* (Secondary Ion
Mass Spectrometry) BfL Pure
Capsules beat several leading
and eco multi-surface cleaner
brands. BfL packs a punch.

Click HERE to see test data.

Performs 50%
better than leading
brands Source* SIMS tests

Low level silicone
deposits = no
harmful residues Source* SIMS tests

Does not damage
metal surfaces due to
Low Sodium content Source* SIMS tests


What do we mean by “clean”?

We instigated the following independent tests to show the cleaning ability of against leading brands. Based on SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry), the most sensitive surface analysis technique, using a rub test on aluminium strips, several leading and eco brands were selected for comparison purpose against multisurface cleaner. The results speak for themselves .....

Visual assessment - looking clean with BfL Pure

After application was complete, each cleaned sample was visually assessed in three separate parts and allocated a score out of 18. The visual assessment showed how each clean test sample appeared.

Chart 1
The Higher the Score, The Cleaner it looks

SIMS analysis - proven cleanliness with BfL Pure

Looking clean is one thing but is it actually clean? After the visual assessment was conducted, SIMS analysis was carried out on the samples. SIMS is a technique developed for use in materials sciences and surface sciences to analyze the composition of solid surfaces. SIMS is the most sensitive surface analysis technique, with detection limits ranging from parts per million to parts per billion.

Chart 2
The higher the score, the better the Cleaning Performance

Silicone deposits - not what you want after cleaning!

Silicones are often added to cleaning solutions as they help to visually improve the appearance of the surface after cleaning. However, silicone deposits left on work surfaces from cleaning products may potentially transfer to food items and can be ingested. Cleaning product residues, over time, tend to dull surfaces and in the case of silicones, may result in visible drying stains. Higher levels of silicone residues can cause surface tackiness, resulting in quicker buildup of dirt. BfL Pure produces extremely low levels of silicone deposits.

Chart 3
In this test, less is best!

Sodium deposits - BfL Pure takes care on those metal surfaces!

Sodium, one of the components of salt, can be particularly corrosive on metal surfaces. Many multi-surface cleaners use the corrosive nature of sodium to aid cleaning performance, but warn in the “small print” not to apply to metal surfaces as it can cause marking and over time, corrosion. When cleaning, many of the surfaces around your home will have metal surfaces eg. on microwaves, fridges, taps, making it difficult to avoid making contact. multisurface produces extremely low levels of sodium deposits.

Chart 4
In this test, less is best!

Tests undertaken by Winnats Scientific Services in January 2013

Dirt and Grime

Understanding dirt and grime is vital to develop a truly successful cleaner. Some dirt is invisible to the naked eye; however, most forms of dirt found in the home can also be described as grime, which is a visible patina of foreign material on the surface. Grime makes a light surface darker and a dark surface lighter in appearance. Some of the most common sources of dirt are:

  • Dead human and animal skin cells
  • Dust mite faeces
  • Pollen, yeast, and mould spores
  • Cooking Particles and grease
  • Outside pollutants from industry, agriculture, construction, vehicles, and home heating
  • Human and animal hair and hair particles
  • Food crumbs
  • Gritty soil, sand, or other mineral particles tracked in on shoes or blown through open doors and windows


Like all other multi-surface cleaners, ours will not clean an extremely dirty oven or limescale ridden taps. These should be one-off tasks, using specialist cleaners, then use Multi-Surface cleaner on a regular basis to prevent your oven becoming too dirty or limescale building up on your taps. Multi-Surface Cleaner should be sprayed and then wiped away immediately. Although paper towels and general cloths can be used, by far the most effective applicator for any surface cleaner, is a microfibre cloth, which at 1/100 diameter of a human hair, has strands that create a surface covered with millions of spaces between the fibres to trap moisture, dirt and debris, allowing it to be removed from the surface during cleaning. Multi-Surface Cleaner and BfL Microfibre Cloth is a leading combination.


All forms of dirt form a weak chemical bond with the surface they are attached to. Multi-Surface cleaner is designed to attach stronger chemical bonds to the dirt and lift it from the surface. At the same time the dirt is replaced by a microscopic layer of “clean” molecules, which slow down the build up of dirt and keep the surface “clean” for much longer. A thin “clean” layer left on the surface is invisible to the naked eye and so there is no sign of smearing or residues left on the surface. Multi-Surface Cleaner is fantastic for all your daily cleaning chores, including kitchen worktops, hobs, hard floor surfaces, bathrooms, shower screens, windows, glass tables and plenty more.

Value for money 

Not only are our refill capsules extremely good value for money when compared with equally fantastic performing multi-surface cleaner, they are delivered to you FREE! If two or more packs of 5 are purchased, then the price equates to only 67p per 500ml. Compare this to leading brands and you will no doubt agree these really are great value for money! Even one pack of 5 equates to only 79p per 500ml. We have proven our mutli-surface cleaner is a “brilliant” cleaner. Some may think a product looking so good and offering so many eco benefits may not be up to scratch but the simple reason for our amazing value for money is we only supply to you what you actually need, the active ingredients, and then deliver direct to you, cutting out all the middle men.

Our Eco credentials 

What does “eco-friendly” or “environmentally friendly” actually mean? By definition, eco-friendly literally means it is not harmful or reduces the possibility of harm to the environment and mankind and can apply to all manner of different products and practices, for example, water saving, fuel saving and energy saving practices. In addition, other practices such as activities which reduce air pollution, water and land pollution are also considered to be Eco-friendly. At Bottle for Life, we believe our eco-credentials are probably some of the best. Here’s just a few reasons why we feel confident in making this claim:

Every time you reuse one pack of 5 capsules you are saving 5 x 500ml plastics bottles from being sent to landfill sites with a reduction in weight of 97%.

We are always being encouraged not to use supermarket disposable carrier bags and to use ‘bags for life’, however, few appear to take issue of the amount of plastic bottles which are used and simply binned. It takes on average 11 x more plastic to make a 500ml bottle and trigger than a disposable supermarket carrier bag which means for every pack of 5 capsules used, you are saving the equivalent of over 55 supermarket carrier bags by reusing your beautiful BfL bottle. If you use on average two bottles of cleaning product per month (although you probably use more) then in one year alone, you will save the equivalent of an incredible 264 supermarket carrier bags by reusing your BfL bottle. In addition, most supermarket carrier bags are now biodegradable whereas plastic bottles do not biodegrade and the trigger is not even recyclable! By using capsules, you will be helping the environment by not purchasing the water in your cleaning products! When you purchase a bottle of multi-purpose cleaner, for example, most of the liquid you purchase is water which is usually in excess of 96%! Our capsules contain exactly what you would expect to find in a cleaning product but with all the water taken out. Simply place one capsule into your empty bottle then add warm water directly from the tap! Just by this action alone, we calculate this will save around 85% of transportation in weight resulting in a vast reduction in CO2 omissions.

We continuously strive to improve our packaging to ensure as many items as possible are recyclable.

WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) advises that refill systems have the potential to significantly reduce both retail packaging waste and product waste. Replacing your current multi-surface cleaner product with capsules would help towards our mission to stop hundreds of millions of bottles being thrown away and ending up in landfill sites across the UK.

A Safer & Healthier Option

A highly contentious factor between conventional cleaning products and apparently safer ones is the interpretation of the word “safe”, so what actually do we at BfL mean by “safe”? In our eyes, safe means exactly that, safe for your health, safe to use, safe for humans and pets to breathe and touch.

Respiratory problems, stinging eyes and even headaches can be caused by volatile organic compounds, known as VOC’s, which are commonly found in paints and cleaning products. VOC’s enter the body via our airways through the lungs and then into the blood stream. Not limited to respiratory illnesses such as asthma and rhinitis (inflammation of nasal membranes), VOC’s have been identified as hormone disruptors, neurotoxins and known carcinogenics. capsules contain little or no VOC’s thus improving air quality, protecting your health and safety. With the exception of removing vehicles off the road, using capsules would reduce more omissions than any other environmentally sound single act.

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